Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

What does TEAM W.A.S.P stand for? Wide Aerial Search Partner

What is TEAM W.A.S.P? This organization is a network of multi-rotor and fixed wing FPV (first person view) UAV/Drone Pilots that individually volunteer their time to partner and assist and ongoing Search and Rescue ground team. Worldwide.

Can I join Team W.A.S.P FPV pilot network? Anyone can join Team W.A.S.P that is an experienced FPV pilot of Multi-Rotor and or Fixed Wing UAV’s/Drones.  

  • Must be 18+ years old  to pilot and 16+ years old for spotter
  • Team W.A.S.P honors World Wide members
  • Must have your own gear (Multi-Rotor or Fixed Wing) UAV with FPV
  • Must be willing to volunteer in your community when called upon for a SAR mission
  • Facebook account
  • Must be and experienced hobbyist UAV/Drone pilot
  • Must have a Email address (active)

What are the costs of a search request? Team W.A.S.P is an all volunteer network of Drone Pilots. There are no costs to the SAR organizations or families of missing subject. Volunteer Drone Pilots incur all expenses.

What gear do I need to join your network of volunteers? A multi-rotor UAV or a fixed wing aircraft with a video camera onboard. FPV ground station. Other equipment that is helpful in SAR but not a necessity is OSD (on screen display information) or Telemetry, GPS Tracking, Gimbal and the ability to record in-flight video or stills. We continually look for ways to improve our equipment and skills.

Who do I contact about a missing person?  Contact  by clicking  on Admin







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