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Search and Rescue Wide Aerial Search Partner (SARWASP) International Drone/UAS pilot network.

TEAM WASP known as SARWASP is a dedicated Search and Rescue volunteer network utilizing multi-rotor and fixed wing Drone/UAS technologies. Our mission is to give aerial support to and ongoing Search and Rescue operations team (SAR) by providing real time mapping and video coverage of search area and GPS feedback to ground operations.

Founder: Gerald-England would like to take the time to say thank you for all the 10’s of 1,000’s of SARWASP volunteers. SARWASP was Established in 2011 December the 3rd 2023 will make SARWASP 12 year’s old.   

Thank you for your Dedication.


 So you want to start flying an unmanned aircraft Drone?

 Many Drone (UAV) manufacturers are bringing products that are redefining industries.

Professionals in film making, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and more are using these ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ in their work which enables them to accomplish safer, faster, and with greater efficiency than ever before. Sarwasp believe that drones will be used widely  in the search for missing persons and SAR missions. These useful UAV’s will be very effective at searching large swaths of geographical areas void of humans. Equipping a drone with the right instruments will enable anyone to search remote areas.

Thermal Imaging Drone – Search and Rescue SAR Drone 2023!

                               (Why the use of Drones)

With FPV (First person view) pilot camera and a high resolution survey camera with GPS technologies mounted to the (UAV Drone) platform. (UAV Drones) can cover a wide area of terrain in minutes looking for the missing subject when the missing subject is spotted from and aerial view ground now has a visual and a GPS coordinates on subject. Ground team is ready to move in for the rescue. Aerial search for lost subjects is extremely costly with traditional fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Small, highly maneuverable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV Drone) may  assist and support search efforts in many situations for a fraction of the cost and in risk. Team W.A.S.P (UAV Drone) pilots are volunteers No Cost for assisting in a search and rescue mission to the missing subject family and or search and rescue teams we are strictly volunteers only.

 Join Team W.A.S.P today and make a difference in your community World-Wide.

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